Here you’ll find some of the companies we use as purveyors and collaborate with! We love collaborating with other like-minded artisanal businesses that pay as much attention to their products as we do with ours, to push the envelope and bring you THE best possible donuts & coffee! Some of these companies are local to South Florida and Miami specifically – we love our South Florida community, so what better way to show this than to support other small businesses like ours and use them to supply some of the very ingredients you’ll see and taste in our donuts!

When it came time to pick a coffee roaster, the choice (to us) was very clear – we want the best and most knowledgeable in the business, and refuse to take shortcuts. Intelligentsia was that (and more) for us. Others talk about working with coffee producers and in many cases that’s all it is, talk. Intelligentsia’s buying team cumulatively spends over 365 days each year at source.

Intelli does not just buy coffees; they actually develop them while working alongside the farmers we work with who grow our coffee. Their coffees are unlike any others, and they are exclusive to Intelligentsia.

They take insights, practices and expertise in preparation and processing garnered from our work around the globe and apply them to each of our Direct Trade coffees to make them the absolute best they can be.

Bacon and donuts go together as good (or better) than just about anything else we can come up with. That’s why when it came time to pick our bacon purveryor, we wanted to go with someone as small, as specialized, and as ‘hand-crafted’ as us. Enter Miami Smokers. Miami smokers is an urban smokehouse on a mission to bring timeless curing and smoking techniques to Miami consumers, one slice of bacon at a time.

Like us, they believe in the art of doing things the right way, NO shortcuts or cutting corners. We strive to use the very best, most sustainable and locally available products.

Be it drinking it or coming up with a creative way to use it in a donut, everyone knows that The Salty Donut loves a good beer! We’ve been collaborating with breweries and using certain beer components in/on our donuts since opening weekend. With the flowering of so many amazing breweries in South Florida, we fancy ourselves as some very lucky donut innovators! That’s where J. Wakefield comes in.

These guys crank out some VERY great beer in both ‘traditional’ styles and more crazy concoctions alike. We use their UJP Porter as a reduction drizzled over our Maple Bacon donut, we’ve used their Harbinger Hazelnut Stout in lattes, they’ve made a Salty Donut infused beer – this collaboration is one we’re super proud of, and we can’t WAIT to see what other craziness we come up with in the future! It’s great working with such open-minded people that will entertain just about anything you throw at them!

What is there to be said about Knaus Berry Farms sticky buns that hasn’t already been said? If you grew up anywhere near South Florida, chances are you’ve been having their incredible sticky buns for almost as long as you’ve been alive! When we got a chance to collaborate with these guys in early 2016, we were both honored and nervous!

We wanted to do something insane, awesome, and insane…. And awesome…. So what did we do? YUP – we stuck one of their sticky buns into a special brioche donut, glazed it with a rum toffee sauce, and topped it with candied pecans! This collaboration was one to end all collaborations – we practically #broketheinternet with this awesome Stickybun Donut collab, with 2+ hour lines full of AMAZING Salty &Knaus fans lining up to get their hands on this beaut. We’re literally counting down the days until we get to do this with them again and go on this wild ride all over again!

Munch Miami has been a supporter of The Salty Donut right from the beginning! ‘Munch Miami is a gluten-free guide founded by a guy who never thought he could give up beer, pizza, and sandwiches.’ Right out of the gate, it was super important to us to create an absolutely KICK-ASS Gluten Free donut that didn’t make you want to say – ‘this is half decent…… for being gluten free’.

We wanted a moist donut with tons of flavor, and Munch Miami helped us taste-test till we got it right! Whether you’re choosing to follow a healthier diet or you have a gluten-related condition, you can rely on Munch Miami for all your gluten-free needs!

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